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Join 150k+ traders at Scroll down for timeline & more about this video. 0:00 Intro 1:41 How dealer positioning affects the futures markets 5:42 The foundation of options trading 10:09 Managing risk as a market maker 13:36 Cem's experiences in the pits 16:37 How do large institutions hedge? 17:34 Evaluating pricing on Greeks 18:04 Watching fixed strike vol 23:22 What is order flow? 30:00 Building quant models from other data sources 32:40 Options dealers and timeframes 36:09 Standard deviations 39:48 Is a macro regime change coming? 45:12 The Jam Croissant Effect 48:15 Cem's thoughts on ES 53:07 Vanna and Charm flow trends 58:39 How to calculate GEX with open interest 1:01:07 Ways to properly hedge OTM calls and puts

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