Our Team

Cem Karsan

CIO, Managing Principal

Cem is responsible for firm-wide management and is the Head of Research and Risk Management. His expertise is invaluable in ensuring the success of the company. Cem has an impressive educational background, having triple majored in Economics, Policy Studies, and English at Rice University. He also holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. Cem's diverse background in Economics, Policy, and English, coupled with his MBA, gives him a unique perspective on the market and a strong understanding of how to manage and mitigate risk. His leadership and guidance are instrumental in the growth and success of Kai Volatility Advisors.

Dax Rodriguez


Dax is a financial industry professional with a background in Information Decision Sciences. Dax's journey into finance began after graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago. With a degree in Information Decision Sciences, Dax has a unique perspective on utilizing data as a tool to make informed decisions. He has an extensive experience in the field, having held various leadership positions at global derivatives exchanges, brokerage houses, proprietary trading firms, and fintech startups. Throughout his career, Dax has demonstrated his ability to accelerate growth and streamline operations, making him a valuable asset to any organization. With his expertise in data analysis and business problem-solving, Dax is well-equipped to drive success in the financial industry.

Eric Elvambuena


Eric, a senior engineer responsible for overseeing the design, development, and maintenance of Kai's technology. He has a storied career in the trading world, having built one of the leading algorithmic trading firms from the ground up. In 2006, as an early employee of Eagle Seven, he scaled the IT infrastructure of the organization, and played a key role in shaping the development team and technological vision of the firm. He also led the build-out of their Asia office and expanding their international presence. As a partner at Eagle Seven, Eric reported directly to the executive team and led a team of developers, architecting, designing, and implementing cutting-edge trading engines and applications for over 13 years. He oversaw the firm's growth from 7 to well over 100 employees. Eric holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. With his wealth of experience and educational background, Eric is well-equipped to lead the technology team at Kai and ensure that the firm's technology is efficient, reliable, and secure.

Da Lin

Senior Quantitative Research Analyst

Da is a highly skilled Quantitative Trader and Analyst. Da received his Bachelors in Information Systems Management from Shanghai University of Finance and Economy and a Masters in Mathematical Finance from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He brings a wealth of experience to Kai, having previously worked as a Quantitative Trader at a prop trading desk of a top-tier crypto unicorn, where he gained expertise in trading cryptocurrencies. He also worked as a Quantitative Analyst for Aegea Capital, where he was responsible for developing the firm's system architecture and maintaining its infrastructure. With his strong educational background in information systems and mathematical finance, as well as his experience in trading and analyzing data, Da is well-equipped to make informed decisions and drive success in the field.

Thomas Anastos

Quantitative Research Analyst / Trader

Thomas is responsible for developing Kai's algorithmic execution capabilities and Delta One strategies. He has a wealth of experience in trading, having previously worked on an electronic market-making desk at ARB Trading Group, where he covered Agricultural, Sovereign bonds, and STIR futures in the US and Europe. Thomas holds a degree from Pomona College, where he double majored in Mathematics and Economics. With his strong background in both math and economics, Thomas is well-equipped to design and execute advanced trading strategies that deliver results.

Matt Marneris


Matt is a seasoned professional with a background in economics and finance. He studied at the University of Illinois and holds an MBA from DePaul University's Kellstadt School of Business. Prior to joining Kai, Matt was the Head Risk Manager at Geneva Capital Investments, an equity index market-making group primarily focused on SPX options. Matt has a wealth of experience in risk management, and his knowledge of finance and economics is invaluable in ensuring the success of the company. With his educational background and professional experience, Matt is well-equipped to manage and mitigate risk and drive success on Kai's trade desk.

Patrick Duffy

Head of Marketing

Patrick graduated from Georgia State University with degrees in Economics and Finance. After college, he spent 9 years building a visual content marketing agency in Atlanta, whose main clients were Delta Air Lines and the Atlanta Braves. Patrick brings a unique skill set to the table, sitting at the intersection of creative and analytical. He has a passion for sports and photography and has even served as the team's visual content creator for the Atlanta Braves for 7 seasons. With his background in economics and finance, combined with his experience in visual content marketing, Patrick brings a valuable perspective to the Kai team. He is well-equipped to create and implement effective marketing strategies that drive success for the company.

Chris Lambrou

Head of Investor Relations

Chris is a friendly and outgoing professional who is responsible for all investor communications, public relations, and business development at Kai. He majored in Economics at the University of Wisconsin and has a wealth of experience in marketing and communications. Before joining Kai, Chris ran his own digital marketing agency, where he honed his skills in creating and implementing effective marketing strategies. With his positive attitude and strong communication skills, Chris is well-equipped to represent Kai in all investor and public relations matters. He is dedicated to fostering and maintaining strong relationships with clients and partners. Chris is a valuable asset to the Kai team, and his contributions are instrumental in driving the company's growth and success.


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