Cem Karsan

Chief Investment Officer, Managing Principal

Cem Karsan is the Founder, CIO, and Managing Principal of Kai Volatility Advisors. He is responsible for portfolio construction, and firm-wide management, as well as its Head of Research and Risk Management. Mr. Karsan formed Kai Volatility Advisors after over two decades of experience building industry-leading derivatives businesses. At its peak, during the Great Financial Crises, Mr. Karsan’s proprietary market-making firm, Precision Capital Management, represented approximately 13% of the daily volume of S&P 500 Options. In 2010, Mr. Karsan divested his stake in Precision Capital to found his own investment management firm, now Kai Volatility Advisors. Mr. Karsan holds a Bachelor’s degree from Rice University with a triple major in Mathematical Economic Analysis, Policy Studies & English. He also holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, with an emphasis in Analytical Finance and Management & Strategy.

Patrick Duffy

Head of Marketing

Patrick is a dynamic professional who majored in Economics and Finance from Georgia State University. After college, he spent 9 years building a visual content marketing agency in Atlanta, where he catered to major clients like Delta Air Lines and the Atlanta Braves. His passion for sports and photography led him to serve as the team visual content creator for the Atlanta Braves for 7 seasons. Patrick's unique skill sets lie at the intersection of creativity and analysis, bringing a rare perspective to the team. He is perfectly equipped to design and implement effective marketing strategies that drive success for Kai.

Da Lin

Senior Quantitative Research Analyst

Da is a highly skilled Quantitative Trader and Analyst. Da received his Bachelors in Information Systems Management from Shanghai University of Finance and Economy and a Masters in Mathematical Finance from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He brings a wealth of experience to Kai, having previously worked as a Quantitative Trader at a prop trading desk of a top-tier crypto unicorn, where he gained expertise in trading cryptocurrencies. He also worked as a Quantitative Analyst for Aegea Capital, where he was responsible for developing the firm's system architecture and maintaining its infrastructure. With his strong educational background in information systems and mathematical finance, as well as his experience in trading and analyzing data, Da is well-equipped to make informed decisions and drive success in the field.


Office Pup

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